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Loyal to its mission of public service, the publisher Musée du Louvre Éditions has participated, since 1988, in one of the museum's main missions: the spread of knowledge about its collections, a universal heritage spanning eight thousand years of history. Its catalog, which contains nearly seven hundred titles and has included since 2007 "Grande Galerie, le Journal du Louvre," a magazine featuring the latest museum news, boasts an extensive variety of publications.

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Sous la direction d'Anne Dion-Tenenbaum et Audrey Gay-Mazuel

contributions de : de Anaïs Alchus, Françoise Barbe, Muriel Barbier, Michèle Bimbenet-Privat, Monique Blanc, Agnès Bos, Alexandra Bosc, Anne-Sophie Brisset, Yves Carlier, Mathieu Caron, Laure Chabanne, Cécile Colonna, Mathieu Deldicque, Sophie Derrot, Thomas Deshayes, Virginie Desrante, Anne Dion-Tenenbaum, Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Anne...