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Loyal to its mission of public service, the publisher Musée du Louvre Éditions has participated, since 1988, in one of the museum's main missions: the spread of knowledge about its collections, a universal heritage spanning eight thousand years of history. Its catalog, which contains nearly seven hundred titles and has included since 2007 "Grande Galerie, le Journal du Louvre," a magazine featuring the latest museum news, boasts an extensive variety of publications.

Today's spotlight

Stickyrama Louvre

Véronique Joffre

Sticker, learn and play! Bring the Louvre to life with more than 100 stickers to add to this double-sided panoramic scene. One side takes you inside the museum, where you can explore the different sections and discover some of the world's most famous works of art. Turn over the page, and you'll find yourself outside in the Tuileries Garden,...

Stickyrama Louvre


authors : Cristina Acidini, Marco Albertario, Laura Aldovini, Valentino Anselmi, Mathilde Avisseau-Broustet, Françoise Barbe, Thomas Bohl, Raphaël Bories, Marc Bormand, Patrick Boucheron, Federica Carta, Raffaele Casciaro, Stefano Casciu, Jennifer Celani, Ilaria Ciseri, Dominique Cordellier, Guido Cornini, Alan Phipps Darr, James David Draper †, Victoria Fernandez, Jeffrey Fraiman, Jean-René Gaborit, Fabio Gaffo, Giancarlo Gentilini, Paul Joannidès, Guillaume Kazerouni, Whitney Kerr-Lewis,...