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Detailed description :Vivre au Moyen Âge

Vivre au Moyen Âge

La France en 1400

Author(s): Christine  Desgrez

Illustrated by Jean-Benoît  Héron

€ 14.50 tax included

Paris 1400: while the long reign of Charles VI covered a dramatic period in history, it was also marked by the dawn of exceptional artistic activity. The Middle Ages were over, and the capital city was at its peak.

This book sheds light on a land of contrasts, impoverished by the Hundred Years War, yet enriched by its sophisticated arts.


L’Histoire au musée

Technical details

48 pages, hardcover, 21.5 x 26 cm, 110 illustrations.

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Middle Ages
ISBN French978-2-01397-753-1
French only


Hachette jeunesse