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Detailed description :Les Secrets de la mythologie

Les Secrets de la mythologie

10 parcours pour découvrir la mythologie grecque au Louvre

Author(s): Dominique  Pierre

€ 18.50 tax included

How did Zeus seduce Europa, how far did Jason and the Argonauts travel, what labors did Heracles perform, why did the Trojan War take place, what was Hermes’s errand? To discover all the secrets of Greek and Roman mythology, follow the guide! He gives you his own wonderful accounts of the adventures of the gods and heroes and, to help you find them, suggests ten tours of the Louvre in company with some of the greatest artists.

Technical details

192 pages, paperback, 12 x 20 cm, 150 color illustrations.

Publication date


Suggested age range

Ages 8 and up
ISBN French2-02-049075-7
French only


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