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Detailed description :Pénélope au Louvre

Pénélope au Louvre

Author(s): Anne  Gutman, Georg  Hallensleben

€ 14.20 tax included

Penelope the blue koala is back in a large-size movable book! En route for an unintimidating trip to the Louvre for budding museum-goers. Penelope and young readers will have fun using pull-tabs to discover the Victory of Samothrace, the Sphinx, crocodile, cat and fish mummies, the Scribe, Venus de Milo, La Tour’s Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds, the Mona Lisa, etc. And when the visit is over, they can look through all of Penelope’s pictures for some more beautiful things to see.

Technical details

10 pages in color, cardboard cover, 28 x 28 cm.

Publication date

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