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Detailed description :Princes et princesses du Louvre

Princes et princesses du Louvre

Author(s): Louise  Heugel, Frédéric  Morvan

€ 12.00 tax included

What if the princes and princesses, so often represented in history by artists, could speak and tell us their own stories, describe their own lifetimes, and reveal their own secrets? Let's open our eyes and watch as Princess Nefertiabet of Egypt, Ramesses II, Paris of Troy, the Infanta Margarita of Spain and the young Louis X tell us of their exceptional and often tragic destinies, going back to the days when painters painted their portraits. What was Nin-Alla thinking as she adopted such a reserved pose? Why did young Marcellus look so worried in his portrait? What is the meaning of the motif on the dress of the juniper princess? Why are the young princes of Wales locked up in such a gloomy dungeon?

A fascinating discovery book featuring 20 portraits of princes and princesses exhibited at the Louvre.


Technical details

20 x 27 cm, 48 pages

Publication date


Suggested age range

Ages 8 and up
ISBN French978-2-74279-416-4
French only


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