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Detailed description :Aux heures impaires

Aux heures impaires

Author(s): Éric Liberge

Illustrated by Éric Liberge

€ 15.00 tax included

After Nicolas de Crécy and Marc-Antoine Mathieu, it is Eric Liberge’s turn to explore the Louvre, at night, when the works come to life…

Bastien, a young deaf man, is going for training at the Louvre. He meets a mysterious character by the name of Fu Zhi Ha, who introduces himself in sign language as the night watchman, and the two quickly form a friendship. One night, the watchman reveals the true nature of his job to his young friend. The artists breathed all their creative force into the works of art, giving them each a soul. But these forces are like caged lions with an uncontrollable need to break free from their frame to avoid becoming moribund and irreversibly altering the art itself…

Technical details

23 x 31.5 cm, cardboard album, 72 pages in color.

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Related event

châteaux de Malmaison et de Bois-Préau from October 22, 2008 to January 27, 2009.

ISBN French978-2-75480-168-3
French only