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Detailed description :Italian Painting

Italian Painting

A Detective at the Louvre

Author(s): Évelyne  Bertrand, Alexandra  Poiraud

€ 6.50 tax included

This new collection of “Detective” game-books begins with two titles on the Louvre. A wrongdoer is threatening to steal a masterpiece from the museum. The curator of the museum is calling on young visitors to help him find the masterpiece and put it out of harm’s way.

A map guides players step-by-step through the rooms, as they solve puzzles and earn stickers with each correct answer. Players solve the mystery by placing all the stickers on a page in the book to recreate the missing masterpiece. The book contains a removable sheet of reusable stickers.


Enquête au musée

Technical details

32 pages and 2 pages of adhesive labels, stapled, 21 x 22 cm, 40 color illustrations.

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