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Detailed description :Objectif Louvre
Étonnants parcours en famille

Objectif Louvre Étonnants parcours en famille

Author(s): Frédéric  Morvan

Illustrated by Vincent Bergier

€ 15.00 tax included

After the success of the first volume of Objectif Louvre, devoted to subjects on France's school curriculum, Objectif Louvre, étonnants parcours en famille sets out to surprise visitors by immersing them in the art of civilizations that are less known but just as richly interesting.

The revelations in store include a parade of the monsters and demons of the civilizations of the Middle East. And did you know that the Romans were preceded by that highly cultured people, the Etruscans? If you've been wondering how 3D was created in paintings, follow Trail 6! And the big surprise in this new book: a special visit on Tuesdays - when the Louvre is closed - lets you see the museum in terms of its architecture and external decoration.

Technical details

13,5 x 21,5 cm

148 pages

Publication date

ISBN French978-2-74278-508-7
ISBN English978-2-74279-755-4


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