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Detailed description :Histoire des arts avec le Louvre

Histoire des arts avec le Louvre

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Over 350 masterpieces from the Louvre's collections for teaching art history in secondary school.


In 2008, art history was introduced as a subject into the French primary school syllabus.

Faithful to its public service mission that consists in particular in promoting the teaching of art through its collections, the Musée du Louvre has joined forces with the publisher Hatier to produce a manual of art history.


In this book, history and literature teachers in particular, but also philosophy, language, and primary school teachers will find the answers they have been waiting for: how to analyze the works of the Louvre, how to approach the themes of the syllabus such as art and power, art and religion, art and beauty, etc. Questions that the ten thematic chapters endeavor to answer, illustrated with over 350 reproductions of the Louvre's collections, all selected for their relevance. Written by art historians and teachers, this manual provides studies of specific themes, detailed analyses of works, reference texts, and chronological contexts for an educational approach to Art History in every dimension.

Technical details

360 pages

Over 350 illustrations

CD-ROM with 50 works for video projection

Format 22.5 x 29.7 cm

Publication date

ISBN French978-2-21894-307-2
French only