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Detailed description :Armenia Sacra

Armenia Sacra

Mémoire chrétienne des Arméniens (IVe-XVIIIe siècle)

Under the direction of Jannic  Durand, Dorota  Giovannoni, Ioanna Rapti

Contributions by Isabelle Augé, Azat Bozoyan, Patrick Donabédian, Jannic  Durand, Nina Garsoïan, Vigen Ghazaryan, Dorota  Giovannoni, Grigor  Grigoryan, Raymond-H. Kévorkian, Chouchanik Khatchikyan, Nicolay Kotandjian, Dickran Kouymijan, Jean-Pierre Mahé, Sophie  Makariou, Hairapet Margaryan, Marielle Martiniani-Reber, Thomas F.  Matthews, Catherine  Metzger, Yvetta Mkrtchian, Claude Mutafian, Nicolas Petit, Ioanna Rapti, Daniel  Roger, Zepyur Tarayan, Armen Ter-Stepanyan, Edda Vardanyan, Ruben Vardanyan, Lilith Zakarian

€ 42.00 tax included

For the Year of Armenia in France, this luxurious catalogue takes an exhaustive look at the history of Armenian Christian art.

From the birth of the Armenian alphabet in the 4th century through to the 18th century, readers are taken on an astonishing journey halfway between art and history, as they embark on a discovery of legendary civilizations like Rome, Byzantium and the Persian and Ottoman empires.

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472 pages, paperback, 24.6 x 28 cm, 520 color illustrations.

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Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Musée du Louvre from February 21 to May 21, 2007.

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