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Detailed description :Routes d'Arabie

Routes d'Arabie

Trésors archéologiques du royaume d'Arabie Saoudite

Under the direction of Béatrice  André-Salvini, Carine Juvin, Sophie  Makariou, Françoise Demange, Ali Al Ghabban

€ 45.50 tax included

A little-known civilization, long overlooked by archaeological research carried out throughout the Near East region, is revealed to us here in all its originality and splendor. Three hundred works, most of them unknown to the public, representing a period stretching from ancient times to the dawn of the modern era, lead us to the discovery of what life was like in this land of trade located at the crossroads of the great Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, and Indian civilizations and which today constitutes Saudi Arabia.

From the necropolis at Hegra (Al-Hijr), Petra's little sister, which features on the UNESCO world heritage list, to Medina and Mecca, via the fortress at Tema, so highly influenced by Egypt and Mesopotamia, not forgetting the site of Dedan, represented by colossal statues of Ptolemaic inspiration, the traces of this civilization are abundant. Silver tableware and precious jewels, monumental sculptures, temples and palaces decorated with frescoes are to be found among the pages of this beautiful publication.

Technical details

624 pages approx.

Hardcover, 24.6 x 28 cm

690 illustrations

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Related event

The book accompanies the exhibition "Roads of Arabia" held at the Musée du Louvre from July 12 to September 27, 2010.


Near eastern antiquities
ISBN French978-2-75720-368-2