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Detailed description :À la cour du Grand Turc

À la cour du Grand Turc

Caftans du palais de Topkapi

Author(s): Charlotte Maury, Ahmet Ayhan, Sibel Alpaslan, Emine Bilirgen, Filiz Cagman, Aysel Cötelioglu, Selma Delibas, Ali Serkander Demirkol, Hande Günyol, Tûba Kurtulus, Hülya Tezcan, Zeynep Atbas

Under the direction of Charlotte Maury

Coordination: Reyhan Alp

€ 35.00 tax included

With this exhibition of kaftans, jewelry and accessories once belonging to members of the Ottoman royal household, the Louvre recreates the sumptuousness of the Turkish court in all its pomp and ceremony. Testimony to the longevity of the Ottoman dynasty (1299-1922), these items were either kept for centuries in the imperial mausoleums in Istanbul or stored in the former private Treasury in the Topkapi Palace. They now form a collection unmatched anywhere in the world, part of which has been specially loaned to the Louvre by the Topkapi Palace Museum. These masterpieces cover the period from the late fifteenth to the early eighteenth century, during which the royal mode of dress changed little and had not yet begun to imitate Western fashion. The different items making up the sultan's public attire are set in context by official portraits of the time.

Technical details

176 pages

90 illustrations

22 x 28 cm

Distribution: Volumen


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Catalog of the "At the Court of the Grand Turk: Kaftans from Topkapi Palace" exhibition held at the Musée du Louvre from October 9, 2009 to January 19, 2010 as part of the Turkish Cultural Season in France.

ISBN French978-8-87439-533-0
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