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Detailed description :Biedermeier


Vienne et Prague 1815-1830

Under the direction of Hans Ottomeyer, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Laurie Winters

With the collaboration of Paul Asenbaum, Marc  Bascou, Wolfgang Häusler, Hans Ottomeyer, Jutta Annette Page, Albrecht Pyritz, Cornelia Reiter, Laurie A.  Stein, Sabine Thümmler, Laurie Winters, Christian Witt-Döring

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The Biedermeier style developed in the Austrian Empire during the “Metternich era” (1815-1848), a period of peace after the Napoleonic Wars. A radical style adopted by the aristocracy and the Court, simultaneously sober and full of fantasy, stripped of all ostentation, it foretold of the Art Deco style to come a century later. This catalogue presents a collection of furniture, silverware, crystal and porcelain, wallpaper and fabric swatches, complemented by interior scenes and botanical studies.

After Milwaukee, Vienna and Berlin, the Biedermeier exhibition traveled to Paris, giving the French public an opportunity to discover the style, named for a fictitious “everyman”, little known to France.

Technical details

200 pages, paperback with flaps, 21 x 28 cm, 122 color reproductions.

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Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Musée du Louvre from October 18, 2007 to January 14, 2008.


19th century
ISBN French978-2-35039-043-7
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