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Detailed description :La France romane au temps des premiers Capétiens (987-1152)

La France romane au temps des premiers Capétiens (987-1152)

Under the direction of Danielle  Gaborit-Chopin

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France certainly has the richest Romanesque heritage in Europe. Far from the negative images of the monolithic and somber Middle Ages, the Romanesque period emerges as a genuine artistic genesis, a time of proliferation and creative freedom. This book encompasses two and a half decisive centuries for the history of France, ranging from the collapse of the Carolingian Empire to the establishment of feudalism, when the reorganization of the Church gave rise to a network of large monastic centers that were to become major cultural and artistic hubs.

Technical details

408 pages, paperback with flaps, 24.5 x 28 cm, 450 color illustrations.

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Catalogue of the exhibition held at the Musée du Louvre from March 10 to June 6, 2005.


Middle Ages
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