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Detailed description :Musées de papier

Musées de papier

L'Antiquité en livres. 1600 - 1800.

Author(s): Elisabeth Décultot

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The extremely prolific antiquarian work accomplished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries played a determining role in the birth of neoclassicism. This period was marked in particular by the discovery of Egyptian antiquities, a budding interest for national antiquities, Christian antiquities, and the Middle Ages.

This book explores the printed and graphic works that reproduced antiquities, with a particular focus on illustrated books, which are the most spectacular demonstration of the research conducted at the time.

The study of antiquarian research helps shed new light on a series of questions regarding not only classical art itself, but also the way in which art history and archeology began to develop.

Technical details

24 x 22 cm paperback, square back, with flaps, 168 pages.

Distributed by Sodis

Publication date



17th-18th centuries
ISBN French978-2-35340-091-1
French only


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