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Detailed description :Le Cupidon de Manhattan

Le Cupidon de Manhattan

Un Michel-Ange retrouvé ?

Author(s): Jean-René  Gaborit

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In 1496-1497, the young Michelangelo sculpted a statue of Cupid for the banker Jacopo Galli. Trace of this exemplary statue from the artist’s youth in Florence seemed to have been lost until the spectacular announcement of its discovery in New York in 1996. Was this enigmatically charming young Florentine incontestably the work of Michelangelo? This book examines the question and invites readers to form their own opinion.

Technical details

56 pages, paperback with flaps, 14 x 21.5 cm, 56 color and black-and-white illustrations.

Publication date



15th-16th centuries
ISBN French2-7118-4032-8
French only


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