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Detailed description :Les autels archaïques de Géla

Les autels archaïques de Géla

Une découverte exceptionnelle en Sicile

Author(s): Rosalba  Panvini, Lavinia  Sole

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The city of Gela in southern Sicily, founded in 689-688 BC by the Greeks, was incredibly productive and enjoyed a brilliant destiny during the archaic period, as judged by the number and importance of its sacred buildings.

This book has the privilege of showing us three precious terracotta archaic altars discovered in Gela, a reminder of the eminent role Western Greeks played in the artistic creation of the Hellenic people.

Technical details

68 pages, paperback, 25.5 x 24 cm, 11 color illustrations. Trilingual French/English/Italian edition.

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Ancient Rome
ISBN French2-901785-20-4