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Detailed description :Vases, bronzes, marbres et autres antiques

Vases, bronzes, marbres et autres antiques

Dépôts du « département des Antiques » en 1875

Author(s): Yannick  Lintz, Chantal  Orgogozo

Contributions by Yannick  Lintz, Caroline Biro, Magali Coudert, Anne-Élisabeth Dunn-Vaturi, Annabelle Mathias, Christine Walter

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After the State’s initial distribution of ancient works from the Campana collection in 1863, the Louvre agreed to send a large number of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and archaeological objects to museums in the “provinces” in 1875. This book completes the study that began in 1997, as part of a verification process that consisted in systematically locating and analyzing de visu all the objects entrusted by the State to museums in France and abroad.

The publication is composed of two parts. The role of the State and its various political, administrative and scientific players in the direction archaeology and museums took in the 19th century, the local realities of museums in the “provinces” that held these objects in trust, and the history of the old collections that contributed to the ensemble are the main themes explored in the first part, followed by the catalogue of ancient and modern works distributed in 1875.


Histoire des collections du musée du Louvre

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304 pages, hardcover, 20 x 27 cm, 360 illustrations, including 120 color.

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Greek and Roman Antiquities
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