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Detailed description :Le Dieu des peintres et des sculpteurs

Le Dieu des peintres et des sculpteurs

L'Invisible incarné

Author(s): François Boespflug

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In 2010, theologian, art historian and religious historian François Boespflug takes readers on a discovery journey through the imagery of the divine in painting and sculpture of Christian inspiration as portrayed in the images of the Incarnation in European art, particularly during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

God is a pure spirit, fundamentally invisible, and thus radically unrepresentable. But if God becomes flesh, then he can be seen and touched, and thus represented. As such, in the civilization inspired by Christianity, religious art did not refrain from representing the Incarnate One and even developed, over and above God as man, an impressive gallery of images of God the Father and the Trinity. In addition to the God of believers, theologians, and philosophers, there is thus the "God of painters and sculptors."

François Boespflug gives content to this expression and shows how the images of God had been both the reflection of and a tool for a genuine esthetic line of thought.

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272 pages, paperback, 14.2 x 21 cm

Distributed by Hachette

With the support of the Septodont laboratories and their chairman Henri Schiller.


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ISBN French987-2-75410-459-3
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