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Detailed description :Ruptures


De la discontinuité dans la vie artistique

Under the direction of Jean Galard

Contributions by Abigail Salomon-Godeau, Gabriele Bickendorf, Michael F. Zimmermann, Jean Galard, Daniel Arasse †, Julie Boch, Celso Favaretto, Martin Kemp, Léon Kossovitch, Nicholas Lambert, Jacqueline Lichtenstein, Jann Matlock, Giorgio Muratore, Jacques Rancière, Alessandro Scafi

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A number of 20th-century artistic movements declared their desire to break with the past. The last century was largely occupied by what was called the “tradition of rupture”. What is the validity of this notion? The work of historians consists in establishing continuity among what are believed to be crucial dates, inaugural moments and revolutionary works. Nevertheless, historical thought itself is led to conceive of “periods”, to designate “turning points”.

This edition comprises 14 studies, which, through reference to many different eras, put the notion of rupture to the test.

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368 pages, paperback, 13 x 21 cm, 94 black-and-white illustrations.

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Proceedings of the symposium held at the Musée du Louvre on 26 and May 27, 2000.

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