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Detailed description :Le monde des cathédrales

Le monde des cathédrales

Under the direction of Roland Recht

Contributions by Roland Recht, Paul Binski, Caroline Bruzelius, Enrico Castelnuovo, Dieter Kimpel, Peter Kurmann, Wilhelm Schlinck

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Cathedrals have always rallied the interest of researchers and fascinated the general public, often being the very subject or source of inspiration for literary and artistic creation. Over and above their historical dimension, these crowd-drawing monuments represent genuine worlds that enable us to fathom a wide variety of aspects of medieval thought, sensibility and social activity.

This book features contributions by some of the greatest experts in medieval art, providing us with new insight into the “world of cathedrals”.


Conférences et colloques

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240 pages, paperback with flaps, 16 x 24 cm, 90 black-and-white illustrations.

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Proceedings of the symposium held at the Musée du Louvre on May 3 and 4, 2002.


Middle Ages
ISBN French2-11-005329-1
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