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Detailed description :Les vases en pierres dures

Les vases en pierres dures

Under the direction of Daniel Alcouffe

Contributions by Michèle Bimbenet-Privat, Letizia Arbeteta, Kirsten Aschengreen Piacenti, Beket Bukovinská, Rudolf Distelberger, Carlo Gasparri, Jørgen Hein, Mario Scalini, Hugh Tait

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Large collections of hardstone vases are rare. The one housed at the Louvre, known as the “gemmes de la Couronne”, comes from the incomparable collection of Louis XIV and remains to this day one of the last examples of a collection built by the driving passion of a single person. The studies presented in this book examine in turn the main periods of vase creation, the major production centers during the Renaissance, the gold or silver-plate mounts that showcased the vases and the large ancient collections, in addition to 19th-century forgeries.


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256 pages, paperback with flaps, 16 x 24 cm, 123 black-and-white illustrations.

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Proceedings of the symposium held at the Musée du Louvre on June 9, 2001.


17th century
ISBN French2-11-005415-8
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