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Detailed description :Anselm Kiefer au Louvre

Anselm Kiefer au Louvre

Author(s): Marie-Laure  Bernadac, Dominique  Cordellier, Brigitte  Donon, Anselm  Kiefer, Jean-Marc  Terrasse

€ 29.40 tax included

“I think that interesting writers and painters have something to do with mythology. Like them, I strive to explain the enigmas of the world in a non-scientific way (because science cannot). And by moving backward – at the same time as I do so –, I project myself into the future. These two movements are inexorably bound. The further I go into the past, the further I go into the future. It’s logical.” (Excerpt).

Technical details

64 pages, hardcover, 17.5 x 24.5 cm, 49 color illustrations.

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Contemporary art
ISBN French978-2-84105-219-6
French only


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