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Detailed description :Les visages et les corps

Les visages et les corps

Author(s): Patrice Chéreau

With the collaboration of Clément Hervieu-Léger, Vincent Huguet

€ 32.50 tax included

After Umberto Eco, the Louvre gives carte blanche to Patrice Chéreau.

An eminent figure in theater and film, Patrice Chéreau brings museum-goers an exhibition on faces and bodies, featuring the works of artists such as Titian, Bonnard, Rubens, Courbet, and Raphael.

In a highly personal text, he also looks back on his career, his influences and reveals a hidden facet of his world.

Technical details

21 x 27.5 cm, hardcover, 176 pages

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Related event

Patrice Chéreau is the Louvre's guest of honor for November 2010.


Contemporary art
ISBN French978-2-08124-181-7
French only