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Detailed description :Les Antiques du Louvre

Les Antiques du Louvre

Under the direction of Jean-Luc  Martinez

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Built during the reign of Napoleon III to receive equestrian events, the Salle du Manège underwent exemplary renovations in 2003-2004 and now benefits from the redesign of installations honoring its Classical Antiquity collections, as well as the antiquities of the French royal and imperial collections from Henri IV to Napoleon I. This book recalls the trials and tribulations of the works and explores the complex history of collectors’ taste for antiquity that has pervaded European art since the 16th century.

Readers will be astounded by these sometimes-forgotten masterpieces, beautifully enhanced by the redesign of the room and new presentation.


Trésors du Louvre

Technical details

240 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, 25 x 28 cm, 140 color and 110 black-and-white illustrations.

Publication date

ISBN French2-213-62037-7
French only