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Detailed description :Les habitants du Louvre

Les habitants du Louvre

Author(s): Christian Boltanski , Jacques Roubaud

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Umberto Eco is the Guest of Honor of the Louvre Auditorium for 2009-2010. As part of the program entitled "The Infinity of Lists," Christian Boltanski and Jacques Roubaud created a book following the same principle as their 1997 publication, Ensemble.

The names of all the artists featured in the collections of the Louvre are first mixed with the names of the museum's employees to comprise a unique and generic list. The authors can thus play on the notions of anonymity and celebrity, while creating a sort of directory of all those, whether known or unknown, artist or employee, who uphold the Louvre's reputation. They also add several "themed" lists cleverly organized with a good dose of humor. The third part of the book likens the portrait of Louvre employees to the self-portraits of artists displayed at the Louvre.

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112 pages,

17.5 x 23 cm

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Contemporary art
ISBN French978-2-916275-63-5
French only