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Detailed description :Détails


vus au Louvre

Author(s): Nadeije Laneyrie-Dagen

Design and graphics Philiipe Apeloig

Photographs by Erich Lessing

€ 29.00 tax included

To paint a picture is often to tell a story-in some cases several stories. Should the subject be a Madonna, for example, or a scene of love? And sometimes an artist can be distracted by a detail, a motif that seizes his imagination and becomes the focus of all his talent. Such a motif may be purely secondary: a bouquet of flowers, a jewel, a carpet with a complex geometrical pattern, or a cat playfully sharpening its claws.

Exploration of planes, highlighting of details, extreme close-ups: here paintings you thought you knew by heart take on a totally new savor. Rediscovery and fresh insights: these are the aims of a book that takes you on a tour of a hundred of the Louvre's greatest masterpieces.

Technical details

240 pages

100 illustrations

19,2x24,5 cm

Distribution : Volumen


Publication date

ISBN French978-2-73243-950-1
French only



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