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Detailed description :Légendes du temps

Légendes du temps

Author(s): Annie  Caubet, Patrick  Pouyssegur, Louis-Antoine  Prat

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One of the greatest aspects of the Louvre is that it provides a forum for comparing different civilizations on matters of time, the mysteries of creation, the movement of stars and the rebirth of nature. From one people to the next, the myths of Antiquity have many points in common and were often passed on to the West during the Middle Ages and Modern Era. Since the Renaissance, artists have continued to depict these legends. The ambition of this little book is to locate any common ground with respect to time among the cultures housed at the Louvre and to highlight the continuity between Antiquity and the Modern West.



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56 pages, paperback, 14 x 21.5 cm, 58 color illustrations.

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ISBN French2-7118-4070-0
French only
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