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Detailed description :Napoléon et le Louvre

Napoléon et le Louvre

Author(s): Anne  Dion-Tenenbaum, Sylvain  Laveissière, Thierry Lentz, Isabelle  Leroy-Jay Lemaistre

Under the direction of Sylvain  Laveissière

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Napoleon wanted to make the former king’s residence an incomparable sanctuary for the treasures scattered throughout the Empire and an artistic showcase for his reign. Modernized, refurbished, organized into a gallery for the pride of ancient and modern Europe, the palace was placed in the care of the greatest artists of the time. Denon, Visconti, Percier, Fontaine and David contributed to the development of a museum unlike any other in the world, a genuine universal encyclopedia of the arts.


Trésors du Louvre

Technical details

256 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, 25 x 28 cm, 307 color illustrations.

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18th-19th centuries
ISBN French2-213-62089-X
French only